Information for practitioners

Spectrum Wellcheck helps you screen your patients for hazardous alcohol consumption and mental health issues.

Wellness is defined as a proactive, preventive approach that emphasises the whole person and which works to achieve optimum levels of physical, mental, social and emotional health.

Good nutrition, healthy weight, exercise, increase resilience, active social networks and avoiding risk factors such as tobacco use and alcohol misuse all play a role in wellness.

Five Ways to Wellbeing sets out a number of evidence based actions which promote patient's wellbeing and Wellcheck provides on line access to information, advice and guidance to enable self-help and motivation for behaviour change.

Self-care factors

The next stage of development for this practitioner toolkit will include screening and interventions to support:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol identification and brief advice
  • Healthy weight
  • Sexual health
  • Mental health first aid
  • Physical activity

Spectrum Wellcheck recognises that alcohol can be both a symptom or a contributing factor in someone feeling in mentally or psychologically unwell.

With Wellcheck, you will be able to use all commonly used and evidence based screening tools (AUDIT-C, FAST, AUDIT-PC and AUDIT) both in a self-reporting format for patients or as part of the consultation.

Screening for hazardous and harmful drinking is effective and should be standard practice as part of integrated wellness services. All practitioner groups can be trained in the principles of identification and brief advice.

An inituitive tool that can be used anytime, anywhere

Spectrum Wellcheck is entirely internet based and works on a range of devices - with a customised link to your primary or community setting, you are now able to facilitate alcohol screening at the touch of a button and get the results back in real time.

With Spectrum Wellcheck you can screen a cohort of patient either targeting them specifically or through a universal offer; either sharing a link for patients to complete in their own time or use it during consultations. It can also be used as part of health checks or self-assessments.

In the case of alcohol screening the tool incorporates Drinks Carousel which enables patients to estimate their consumption without thinking about units first. It also provides feedback and educates as part of assessment

As well as being adapted for use with FAST, AUDIT C and Audit PC if you are looking at measuring outcomes, the AUDIT-O (outcome) is available.